The Know How

We’ve all experienced it. Savvy operational professionals transform your resources and data into a well-oiled machine. They create, and most importantly deliver value to your customers. It’s personal to them. They allow you to sleep at night and keep all the plates spinning when you’re busy elsewhere.

At Cinder, we value friendly, service-oriented rock stars, who tackle each challenge with creativity and innovation. Every organization needs that special person who can execute, from start to finish, to help you achieve your goals.

The Glue

You have a wide variety of needs. With multiple priorities and initiatives, you need amazing and dedicated talent to hold it together. We have a diverse group of candidates to help you execute.

We provide staffing services for a variety of disciplines and positions, spanning clerical and administrative roles to operational and technical project/program management. Here are just a few.

Office Managers, Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Project Managers, Program Managers, Business and Operations Analysts, Facilities Technicians, Receptionists, and Customer Support Representatives (CSR).

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